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Our History

AFTER GIVING BIRTH TO HER DAUGHTER in 2005, the author grappled with how to share her personal infertility journey with her daughter someday.  While riding on a train the idea came to her to write a story to her daughter, which she could enjoy as a child but truly understand as she matured.   The Egg Lady began to flow from her pen.


Nance Ellen hopes that The Egg Lady will help others on similar journeys, in this case the decision to have children through egg donation, to share their stories with their own children, as well as their families, friends, and perhaps even their Egg Ladies.  In sharing her story, her wish is that it will encourage understanding as this is a beautiful yet difficult journey for those who choose it.   She also encourages each family to personalize the book in the “Our Story” pages following the story itself, as each is a unique and miraculous journey.


The author calls Florida home, although she is currently overseas with her husband, young daughter, and lots of pets.  Oh — and yes — her daughter’s new twin brothers.  (Sometimes the Egg Lady returns for another visit!)




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